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Optimal growing conditions for cannabis production and export were found in Lesotho

WeGROW Cannabis in Lesotho has found the optimal conditions for growing high quality cannabis strains for medical use in the mountains of Lesotho, some 1,600 m above sea level under the African sun.

The mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho is one of only three countries in the world that is surrounded by one other country, in this case, South Africa. It is estimated that 70% of all cannabis in South Africa is grown in Lesotho. Which is also known as the ‘Kingdom of the Sky,’ it is one of the few African countries where one can go for a ski holiday (no kidding) and witness the rise of a new global economy, export of cannabis products.

WeGROW Premium Cannabis Production and Processing in Lesotho

Cannabis in Lesotho

Lesotho became the first country on the African continent to grant an administrative license for the commercial cultivation of cannabis for scientific and medical purposes in 2017, with countries such as South Africa and Zimbabwe following, bringing the continent into a global market worth over $7.1 billion by 2023 (African Cannabis Report, 2020) and one of the most desirable destinations to source cannabis from.

The region is situated some 1,600 m above sea level, under the African sun, in a peaceful climate and breathtaking view. The climate, relatively affordable labor and electricity costs, and regulatory freedom, have made Lesotho a high target for innovative international medical cannabis companies like WeGROW Cannabis in Lesotho to open their advanced cannabis cultivation & processing facilities

Growing Cannabis in Lesotho

Theoretically, cannabis should be as easy to grow as a weed, considering the plant’s nickname. In the real world, cultivating high-quality, organically-grown cannabis as a for-profit business is anything but easy. Unlike many growers, WeGROW Cannabis Lesotho cultivates cannabis in tech-driven greenhouses that are extensively advanced pharma grade facilities to meet international cultivation standards. An ample budget allowed the company to build an optimal environment for indoor-like cannabis cultivation in greenhouses.

Lesotho Cannabis Facility

Drying and Curing: A Crucial Point for Humidity Control

Through trial and error, WeGROW has developed a curing formula that the team says delivers consistently good flavor and smoke. The drying process is the initial drying of buds, which usually happens in clean rooms. Freshly harvested plants can lose up to 75% of their weight to moisture loss, as well as sticks, stems, branches, and leaves that get trimmed off. When buds are trimmed and dried, they are placed in airtight containers for curing. This stops moisture loss, preserving flavors and aromas and allowing buds to take on their full flavor.

Final Processing and Exporting of Medical Cannabis

WeGROW fulfills the strict International quality standards for medicinal cannabis. Every single flower is processed and inspected in a GMP-certified production facility. As a result, patients receive cannabis flowers as high-quality medicinal products that meet all regulatory requirements in legal cannabis markets. Export/Import of Cannabis is an art. Sending cannabis around the world is not that easy, even in 2022. In close coordination with WeGROW’s processing partners, they coordinate obtaining import and export permits and advise them on all issues that may arise, from the correct transport packaging to the choice of the logistics company. Once arrived in the target market, the cannabis gets prepared for distribution as a medicinal product in highly secured and climatically standardized storage facilities.

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