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Premium Medical Cannabis Products

As the modern cannabis customer evolves, new and innovative categories of medical cannabis products are essential to meet the demands of more sophisticated cannabis consumers. Our experienced team builds and operates state-of-the-art facilities to not only deliver purity and consistency but to push ahead of the pack with cutting-edge product development and execution in full alignment with industry health and safety standards. We offer our products in bulk and wholesale methods to meet different market requirements.

Dry Flower

Our flower is the ultimate representation of natures will. Organic certified, grown naturally in hand-mixed living soil, hang-dried for 14 days and air-sealed since.

Oil Extractions

Our Organic extractions are a full expression of the flower. We’ve formulated the ideal extraction products from our single-strain cured whole flower.

WeGROW Medical Cannabis Products


We offer reliable, award-winning cannabis seeds, with years of experience working with the #1 seed bank, our cannabis seeds cater to every possible standards.


Our Biomass is organically grown, harvested, and low-temp dried from our sun-grown cannabis greenhouses and offer rich cannabinol ingredients.

100% Medical

Our products are 100% compliant according to the Good Manufacturing Practices for medical grade cannabis.

100% Organic

Our products are 100% organically grown and handled with care for our patients globally.

100% Accessible

We believe that compassionate pricing makes accessible products a game-changer for our patients. 

Medical Cannabis Genetics

WeGROW has acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience that enables us to leap forward towards becoming a major player in the international medical cannabis market by working only with  high quality, proven genetics that grows in full synergy with the nature in the region. Each of the strains was successfully exported from Africa.

Currently offering a portfolio of high THC strains with strong market demand and excellent treatment record of chronicle pain syndromse. 

WeGrow Lesotho High Quality Medical Cannabis Genetics

Hybrid Strains

An elegant, yet powerful medical cannabis products that are known for their strong impact and influence. Its earthy taste, and its strength tell us of an indica dominance. They help relieve pain, treat nausea, and encourage sleep, which makes it more suitable for nighttime treatments.

Active ingredients and values:

THC 19-25%  |   CBD 0-7%   |   CBN< 1.5%

View our full portfolio of strains.

Sativa Strains

A famous veteran strains on the international cannabis scene, known for their sour citrus aroma. The strains have a gentle effect and is excellent for people who need to consume and continue to function regularly during the day. The strains are a “classic sativa” with a large, moderately dense inflorescence and a deep green color.

Active ingredients and values:

THC 18-25%  |   CBD 0-5%   |   CBN< 1.5%

View our full portfolio of strains.

Exclusive Brand Partners

WeGROW is actively developing exclusive partnerships with top-selling and most recognizable cannabis brands from around Europe. We offer quality medical cannabis products in full compliance with EU-GMP standards, with unique strains that have been carefully selected and grown with care. 

If you are interested in learning more about our value proposition to our partners, please contact us.

Import EU-GMP Medical Cannabis from Africa