Medical Cannabis
Production in Lesotho

When it comes to quality

We reject the notion that perfection is unattainable

When it comes to top tier flower, it’s all about the details. That’s why we cultivate a multitude of genetically unique cultivars to ensure that we produce top-tier flower while maintaining operational efficiency.

We nurture our crops to receive the individual care they need while maximizing quality and yield – be it environmental preferences, specialized irrigation or fertigation recipes – and each plant is grown in a tailored, stress free environment designed to meet the individual needs of each cultivar.

Production Certifications

Cannabis Company in Lesotho - WeGROW


To lead in the export of sustainable cultivation of cannabis as well as the production of high-grade ingredients for the pharmaceutical, therapeutical and nutraceutical industries into a regulated international market place.


To cultivate and supply some of the most unique range of strains specific to the requirements of our offtake from flower by partnering with global leading universities for Research & Development to ensure innovation.


The facility extends on 17K sqm, offering advanced technological greenhouses with full environmental control for growth and flowering of cannabis plants, a research and developing facility for cannabis strains and the post harvest factory with all the facilities required for the cultivating, harvesting and producing the uniques strains that our company is recognized for, worldwide wide.

Our Beginning

We began this life changing journey to establish Medical Cannabis Production in Lesotho in early 2020 after receiving all necessary licenses from the Kingdom of Lesotho to practice medical cannabis in the country. Very quickly after we have started to plan our state of the art cultivation and processing facilities according to strict medical standards in one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

We invest in best practices at every turn to ensure people have access to the most effective options for feeling and living better, and it starts with the first brick we lay. From there we will constantly research and develop new forms and formulations of cannabinoid-based products to improve people’s well-being.

Construction Phase Summery

In less than 24 months, under COVID-19 restrictionists, the company was able to fully plan and execute the construction phase and to make it’s 10k sqm. cultivation facility ready by end of 2021 for Medical Cannabis Production in Lesotho

Here is a short summary of the construction project:

Our Present

Our Journey reached a significant milestone in 2022 when we completed the construction phase and began full operational status with a total of 10,000 sqm of indoor sealed cultivation space with automated greenhouses roofs and 7,000 sqm of state-of-the-art post-harvest and service spaces, – making WeGROW’s facility in Lesotho the pride of African Cannabis sector.


We willfully engage in a quest to be the very best in processing and methodology. Our pursuit of perfection in cultivation is the quest to try the best that nature has to offer – done by those that grow it the best.


Consequently, we take upon our shoulders the task of providing unparalleled quality products that are always properly identified, tested, and free of harmful substances.

Our Values

We strive to standardize operational practices of Medical Cannabis Production in Lesotho using detailed documentation, in-depth hands-on employee training, and establishment of “best-practice” strategies to ensure a consistent, uniform cultivation model to facilitate the continuous production of quality flower. Each cultivation process is standardized to individual cultivars to ensure every plant is provided the consistent specialized care it needs to succeed.

Quality Management

Each step is carefully monitored by an integrated quality management system to ensure batch consistency, stability & compliance to quality standards.

Environmental Aware

Environmental awareness is built into the ‘WeGROW’ ethos and all by-products of the extraction process are reclaimed and put to use in the cultivation processes.

External Lab Testing

All compliance testing and analysis of ‘WeGROW’ product is conducted by an independent testing facility leading the way in Africa through extensive quality control.

Return on Community

Environmental awareness is built into the ‘WeGROW’ ethos and all by-products of the extraction process are reclaimed and put to use in the cultivation processes.

Our Leadership

Medical Cannabis Production in Lesotho is booming and we have experienced talents leading development, buildout and execution process across verity of cannabis cultivation verticals to meet the industry challenges. 

Nisan Nadel - WeGROW Leadership Team

Nitsan Nadel

Head of Operations
Poul Alford - WeGROW Leadership Team

Paul Alford

Head Grower
Rika Makamane - WeGROW Leadership Team

Rika Makamane

Site Manager
Nicola Rack - WeGROW Leadership Team

Nicola Rack

HR Manager
WeGROW Leadership Team

Dr. Yuval Perlman

Medical Advisor
WeGROW Leadership Team

Mantsebo Florina

Regulation Advisor
WeGROW Leadership Team

Shlomi Avraham

Quality Control
Jonathan Zussman - WeGROW Leadership Team

Jonatan Zussman



Looking to join the raising industry of Medical Cannabis Production in Lesotho? We’re building an amazing team to help design the future of cannabis industry. Explore our available career opportunities below. 

Your next career opportunity awaits you here with WeGROW!

Medical Cannabis
Production in Lesotho

Lesotho has significant environmental and socio-economic advantages for the growing of high quality, contaminant-free medical grade cannabis

Lesotho introduced legislation to legalise the cultivation and use of medical cannabis in 2008 under the Lesotho, Drugs of Abuse Act and one of the first Southern African Countries to do this, spearheading the growth of this fast growing industry in Africa.

The country has a supportive Government; attractive fiscal terms; and good infrastructure: roads, equipment supply, power, telecoms, water, and security. Lesotho’s pristine natural environment is very well suited to growing medical cannabis. It has an abundance of contaminant-free soils, clean water and extensive sunshine year round.

Up to 80% of the 2.2 million-strong population of Lesotho is dependent on subsistence farming, a livelihood that has been made more unstable by frequent and persistent drought.

Commercial cannabis has the potential to change this. “Cannabis is going to set free this country,” says Dr. Emmanuel Letete, an economist in Lesotho’s Ministry of Development Planning. “Although people don’t see it yet.” Where the kingdom’s mountainous geography once meant that it missed out on big agribusiness opportunities, this time its altitude could be the key to its fortune.

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