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Heart of South Africa

WeGROW is a African cannabis company who has both its cultivation and processing facilities based 1,600 meters above sea-level in the mountains of the Kingdom of Lesotho, where clean air and peaceful environment ensure the growth of high quality cannabis plants according to strict CUMCS-GAP, GACP and in partnership with EU-GMP certified processing factory to export bulk medical cannabis products for the medicinal and pharmaceutical international markets.

WeGROW - International Medical Standards for Export Premium Cannabis Products


To lead the sustainable export of medical cannabis from Africa and the production of high-grade ingredients for the pharmaceutical, therapeutical and nutraceutical industries in regulated international markets.


To cultivate and supply some of the most unique range of strains specific to the requirements of our pharmaceutical off-takers and partner with leading global institutions for future research & development purposes.


By leveraging the unique tech knowledge we acquired in past years, we are now running successful commercial cultivation operations and vertically integrated recognisable brands in a rapidly growing industry.

Meeting International Medical Grade Standards

Cost-effective production is a game-changer that not only subscribes to our values of cannabis accessibility for all, but makes us highly competitive as a supplier to international markets.

The best-practice production plan was set-up and operated according to the Good Manufacturing Practices of the EU (also known as EU-GMP) and in full compliance with the CUMCS-GAP standards.

WeGROW is producing at highest quality in a facility that sets the gold standard for the European cannabis industry and makes its medical cannabis products available for patients in the EU.

Scientific Approach to Cannabis Cultivation

We remain focused on continually improving and innovating cultivation of cannabis in Lesotho, and processing techniques to ensure the highest quality according to GMP, and CUMCS production standards when export medical cannabis products for patients worldwide.


Selecting consistent, quality genetics to ensure cultivation of unique, top-tier products.


Establishing plant uniformity through consistent cultivation practices from clone through flower.


Providing specialized care to individual cultivars driven by detailed data observation.

Export High Quality Medical Cannabis From Africa
“We want to produce Medical Cannabis that will improve the quality of life for ordinary people around the world – medicines that are effective, of high quality, affordable and have no harmful effects; and we want to share our knowledge with our hosts, partners and the local communities who’ve joined our journey.”
quality cannabis production
Mr. Masitha
Head of Post Harvest

Advanced Cannabis Production Hub

Located next to Maseru, Lesotho, the 60,000 square meter facility has 30,000 square meter of production space in a unique hybrid greenhouse environment and employs >100 members of the surrounding communities who all together export premium cannabis products globally.

The greenhouse is built to harness the power of the sun and improve the quality of the cannabis flower. The unique greenhouse design utilizes the power of the sun to increase terpenes and resin development throughout the life cycle of the plant. This unique growing technique, paired with innovative processing techniques, allows for a finely cured and polished product that consumer across Europe enjoy. Read more about our facilities.

Total Area
60,000 sqm.
Stage A – Cultivation
10,000 sqm. of cultivation space – Operational since 2021
Stage B – Cultivation
30,000 sqm. of cultivation space – Expected Q3 of 2023
Hybrid Greenhouses
4 X 2,500 sqm. Indoor sealed cultivation with tech-greenhouse roof
Advanced Processing
7,000 sqm Post Harvest proprietary whole-plant dry and hand-trim finish
Automated Packaging
Packaged to high quality visual specification
Genetics Practice
Collaboration with a Israeli Science Institute for Cannabis R&D

- Facility Key Figures -

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sqm Facility
0 t
Yearly yield
~ 0 d
Growing cycle
Growing Strains
> 0
Staff Members

Seeded in Sophistication

Cultivation starts with the selection of only the highest quality genetic stock to ensure the most consistent, uniform, robust plants. This offers a unique set of traits and characteristics from aesthetics, flavor and aroma allowing us to use quality and new genetic offerings to separate from competitors.

Our strains are:

  • Genetically identical to their strong, healthy mother plants, creating a consistent quality standard from the start of our cultivation process.
  • Precisely planted to ensure that each one receives equal lighting during the 24-hour day, resulting in a healthier, higher quality plant.
  • Environmentally-controlled and monitored, making sure ideal conditions are met to promote above and below ground biomass growth throughout this life stage.

Read more about our quality genetics.

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