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Lesotho to be granted EU-GMP license to grow medical grade cannabis

Breakthrough could create thousands of jobs for locals and help import the medical cannabis production industry into Africa

WeGROW Lesotho has recently announced it’s in the final stages of constructing the biggest (17,000 sqm) and most modern (powered by Israeli Agro-Tech innovation) cultivation center in Lesotho according to strict EU’s good manufacturing practice standards (GMP). This will allow the company to cultivate and export medical grade cannabis flowers, oil’s and extracts. But as active pharmaceutical ingredient to European markets and for Lesotho to gain EU-GMP License to meet international standards.

Cannabis Lesotho EU-GMP License
Breakthrough could create thousands of jobs for locals and help import the medical cannabis production industry into Africa

The GMP guidelines are the strictest requirements a manufacturer must meet to ensure products are safe and of a consistent high quality. Lesotho EU-GMP license will use to control the licensing for sale of pharmaceutical and medical products. And constitute an important threshold requirement for the sale of quality medical craft cannabis products in Europe and the UK.

The company is optimistic accreditation will open doors to business with more EU countries and other international markets. As it has already received inquiries from Germany, the UK and Australia. Learn more about import of medical cannabis to the UK.

A report in August last year forecast the European cannabis market will be worth $37b (£26b) by 2027

Located 1,600m above sea level in the mountain region just outside the capital Maseru. The company currently employs over 100 people on its 17,000 sqm production facility. But it has plans to increase its workforce to over 500 by 2025. “which is almost the entire population of the agro-community”, said Ms. Nitsan Nadel, the company’s regional manager.

“We are sitting in a beautiful rural area where there is hardly any modern industry. And we are growing organically pure cannabidiol products that will impact millions of medical patients all across Europe. By the end of this year we will bring the international high quality standards of medical cannabis at affordable prices to the global cannabis ecosystem.”

The tiny mountain kingdom was the first in Africa to license the growing of medicinal cannabis in 2017. And the first to Import cannabis to Europe. The crop is widely produced in the country, although cannabis possession and use is illegal domestically, the company will export its first batch to Germany later this year.

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